DIY Falafel Kit
DIY Falafel Kit
DIY Falafel Kit

DIY Falafel Kit

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With our new DIY kit you can recreate Itamar's hometown falafel, Jerusalem falafel. It's rich with sesame seeds and fragrant with cinnamon, the ultimate flavour fingerprint of this part of the world and the street food of all street foods. This kit comes with everything you'll need to make falafel wraps for 4 people, plus a Middle Eastern slaw and all the sauces. Note, you will have to soak the chickpeas overnight so plan to start prep the day before you want to eat. 

Quantities: makes enough falafel for wraps for 4 

This kit includes:

Falafel scoop
Jerusalem falafel recipe card 

For the falafel:
Dried chickpeas (once you receive them you will need to soak them for 8hrs/overnight)
Jerusalem falafel spice mix - ground cumin, ground cinnamon, white sesame seeds, ground coriander, white pepper 
Baking powder & salt
Garam flour 
Oil for frying 

For the Middle Eastern Slaw :

For tahini sauce:


To serve:
Flat breads

Amba sauce
Harissa sauce  

You will need:
Food processor
Medium saucepan

Mixing bowl
Wooden spoon
Chopping board and knife 
Paper towel
Slotted spoon or tongs 

Cooking and prep time:  around 40 minutes (plus 8hrs soaking time)

    Contains: gluten, nuts, sesame

    Shelf life: This kit should be used within 24hrs of delivery

    Delivery: We ship once a week to arrive on Wednesdays. Please select the date you would like to receive.  

     REFILL DIY KIT: The refill kit comes with all the ingredients, just not the falafel scoop


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