Bermondsey Street Raw Honeys

Bermondsey Street Raw Honeys

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These beautiful honeys are a curated collection by Bermondsey Street Bees of the very best urban and country honeys from small, local producers all over the country

Custom House Honey - The original, made by Bermondsey St Bees since 2007 from rooftop hives 4 storeys above street level with views of the Shard. Fresh citrus opens to complex caramels with natural pollen warmth

Exmoor Wildflower Honey - Nectar and caramels open into a succession of flowers with a pleasing pollen warmth

Yorkshire Heather Honey - Cinder toffee and barley sugar flavours with warm aromatic finish

Capel St Mary, Suffolk - A lovely creamy, set honey. Extravagant florals with enduring green herbal notes

 All honeys 330g