DIY Ashura Kit
DIY Ashura Kit
DIY Ashura Kit
DIY Ashura Kit
DIY Ashura Kit

DIY Ashura Kit

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It's time! It's been long enough that we've all gone without ashura cereal at home, and times are hard people... we need this, you need this!

With our new DIY kit you can recreate this favourite of Honey & Co breakfasts in your own home. Clusters of puffed wheat in honey, sweet spices & nuts – some call it crack, we call it ashura. Eat for breakfast, with yogurt and jam, or savour as an addictive afternoon snack. This kit makes enough to keep you in delicious breakfasts for a week (or for 7 people to enjoy together!). 

Did you know: Ashura is a traditional Turkish dessert also known as Noah’s Ark pudding. The legend goes that, running low on supplies in the ark, Noah boiled together everything they had – dried wheat, beans, fruit, nuts, spices and honey. The whole store cupboard. The result is a very substantial dessert; a meal in itself, really. We use the same ingredients (minus the beans), but instead of boiling them we roast them to make a great alternative to granola. The puffed wheat keeps it light and is easier on your jaw than crunchy oats. Mentioned by Samin Nosrat in NYT Cooking.

Quantity: Makes a large full 2 litre jar of cereal with a little extra to snack upon.

The DIY kit includes: 
Ashura recipe card
Puffed wheat
Brown sugar
Ashura spice mix – cinnamon, mahleb, cardamom
Vegetable oil
Nut mix – pecans & almonds 
Seed mix – sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds &  sesame seeds 
Baking paper
Storage jar 

You will need:
Flat baking tray x 2
Mixing bowl
Medium saucepan 
Whatever you'd like to serve it with - yogurt, fresh fruit or jam...

Cooking and prep time:  around 40 minutes 

    Contains: gluten, nuts, sesame

    Shelf life: the kit will keep for up to 8 weeks. Once you have prepared the recipe, keep it stored in the air tight jar and it will keep for up to four weeks (though we promise it will be long gone by then.)

    Delivery: We ship once a week to arrive on Wednesdays. Please select the date you would like to receive.  

    REFILL DIY KIT: The refill comes with all the ingredients, just not the jar. 

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