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Pocket Cocktails - Mixed 4 pack

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Pocket Cocktails in a can - Mixed 4 pack

Take the bar wherever you go with these delicious ready-mixed cocktails in a can. We love these cute cans that serve a 100ml pour of 4 classic cocktails - cosmo, negroni, dirty martini and boulevardier. Keep chilled, and then pop in your pocket for a party, to give as presents to your pals, or to simply enjoy a drink in a flash without having to get the cocktail shaker out.

The mixed pack contains:

1 x Classic Cosmo
1 x Pocket Negroni
1 x Boulevardier

1 x Dirty Martini

Classic Cosmo
A single-serve of the ultimate party cocktail - the Cosmopolitan. Ready to drink ice cold from the can, or to pour over a lime wedge or orange peel garnish.
Quantity: 100ml, 16.8% ABV
Ingredients: Vodka, Cranberry, Lime, Triple Sec

Pocket Negroni
A single-serve of the bittersweet Italian classic cocktail - the Negroni. Ready to drink ice cold from the can, or to pour over ice in a glass with orange peel garnish.
Quantity: 100ml, 21.8% ABV
Ingredients: Porter's Gin, Italian Bitter Aperitif, Sweet Vermouth

A single-serve Boulevardier cocktail - a variation on the classic Negroni using bourbon whisky in place of gin - ready to drink chilled from the can, or to pour into a cocktail glass with orange peel garnish.
Quantity: 100ml, 22% ABV
1ngredients: Bourbon Whiskey, Italian Bitter Aperitif, Sweet Vermouth, Orange Zest

Dirty Martini

A single-serve can of a dirty vodka martini. Store in the freezer, and pour into a glass with an olive garnish.

Quantity: 4 x 100ml, 34.6% ABV

Ingredients: Vodka, Dry Vermouth, Olive Brine