The Birthday Hamper - Honey & Spice

The Birthday Hamper

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A birthday celebration in a box - Chocolate and Hazelnut Babka and a sparkler to make a wish. Plus snacks to enjoy - Marzipan Cookies, Baharat Roasted Cashews & Pistachios, Bare Bones Chocolate Bar - and a gorgeous St. Eval Candle.

This hamper contains: 

  • Mini Chocolate & Hazelnut Babka (serves 4-5)
  • 1 sparkler
  • Marzipan Cookies 
  • Baharat Roasted Cashews and Pistachios
  • Bar of Bare Bones x Honey & Co chocolate
  • St. Eval Candle

Shelf life: 5 days (mini babka), 4 weeks (marzipan cookies), other products 6 months.

Mini chocolate & hazelnut babka

Allergens: gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts.

May contain traces of: sesame, soya, peanuts.

Ingredients: flour, eggs, butter, milk, sugar, cocoa powder, hazelnuts, salt, yeast, cinnamon

Marzipan cookies

Allergens: nuts, eggs, sesame. 

May contain: gluten, soya.

Ingredients: marzipan, ground almonds, sugar, egg white, orange zest, sweet spice (cinnamon, cardamom, mahleb, fennel, nutmeg, clove, ground ginger)

Bare Bones x Honey & Co. chocolate bar with sweet spice

Allergens: dairy.

May contain: nuts, gluten.

Ingredients: cocoa beans, raw unrefined cane sugar, milk powder 10%, cocoa butter, sweet spice 0.4% (cinnamon, cardamom, mahleb, fennel, nutmer, ground ginger)

Baharat roasted cashews and pistachios

Allergens: nuts, egg.

May contain: sesame, soya, gluten, sulphites. 

Ingredients: cashews, pistachios, salt, egg, olive oil, baharat spice mix (cumin, coriander, pimento, chilli, white pepper, turmeric, cinnamon, ground ginger, mahleb, cardamom, fennel, cloves & nutmeg)