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Climpson & Sons Coffee - Honey & Co. Blend

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Climpson & Sons Coffee - Honey & Co. Blend

Climpson & Sons make the coffee that we serve in all our restaurants. Whatever your preferred brewing method, the omni-grind beans are ground to taste delicious as filter, espresso, moka pot or aeropress. 

This exclusive blend brings together the lively attributes of Honduras and Ethiopia to create an espresso that is a perfect match for the vibrant Honey & Co. menu. Notes of chocolate, pecan and orange zest.

COMSA, an organic cooperative in Honduras, provides the smooth base layer. Adding a zesty acidity is a classic washed Ethiopian from the infamous Sidamo region.

Roasted in the heart of East London, the resulting espresso is as vibrant and thoughtful as those that produced it.

Quantity: 250g.

Available as beans to grind at home or as omni-grind, suitable for use in filter, espresso, moka pot or aeropress.